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 solution on the market

using complete artificial intelligence.

Have you ever considered how big advertising noise you have to fight through to attract a new visitor to your website?

There are tens of thousands of competitive websites on the global market all competing on the advertising space to get the same visitors as you. For customers it has never been easier to compare offers, jump from one website to the other. Therefore every visitor is a great value to you, you should take good care of them. Exploit the potential and convert them into customers!

Do not let your visitors gained by expensive advertising
to leave your website without a purchase!

Do you wonder why you can not increase your online sales while spending more and more on online advertising?

It is a double loss if you can not convert your visitors into customers. You are not only losing money on advertising but you also lose potential income. To convince visitors to purchase can be mainly achieved by direct communication just like in a retail shop. Without proper communication this is more difficult.

Convert online visitors into customers,
increase your customers’ loyalty with live chat!
Get to know your visitors with IQ Chat!

Do you know why your online visitors bounce back from your page, why they do not buy or subscribe to your newsletter?

There could be many reasons but your are most likely to find out if you ask them directly. You can only collect first hand information straight from the horses mouth: ask your visitors directly with IQ Chat!

Ask your website visitors directly with IQ Chat!
Learn about their needs, help them to purchase!

Where would you like to spend money yourself? In a shop where you are left alone with any of your questions?

It is proven by statistics that customers are missing personal help during their online purchasing process. They expect retail shop-like experience also on the Internet.
They can be helped directly and convinced to buy with live chat support. Live chat can increase the chance of purchase up to around 60%!

Do not let your online customers feel abandoned!
Talk to them with IQ Chat!

Building trust is essential for you to be successful in sales. Trust can be built by communication!

The best way you can build trust to your website visitors is by providing them a live chat communication channel through which they can get instant answers on their questions, concerns. The best way to strengthen trust towards existing customers is by providing them online chat support to give them immediate help in using an already purchased product or to handle their complaints. Using Live chat is free for your customers which will make them even more happy!

Build trust quickly with your online visitors
through IQ Chat’s live chat system!

Have you ever used a live chat solution for free?


Have you considered already to use live chat to boost your sales but you were afraid of the resourcing needs and costs it may take?

You are on the right place! We are ready to help you with our revolutionary 22nd century artificial intelligence technology that will allow you to start live chat support with the minimum possible human resourcing needs! Moreover you can start online chat support with our IQ Chat Entry subscription plan completely for FREE! Yes, you heard it well use us completely for free. It is not a trial version but a fully featured one for FREE!

Use IQ Chat Free without ever paying anything,
Not even a credit card guarantee is required!

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We have created for you

in the online communication space

to help you maximize your profit.

Read on the revolutionary artificial intelligence features
to help you maintain your live chat support
with lowest costs ever!

Automatic self-learning

IQ Chat’s unique self-learning engine listens to every chat human operators make and builds the knowledge base of your company’s frequently asked questions automatically and continuously thus saving you tremendous time!

Do not bother any more to manually enter and continously maintain predefined “canned” messages. Our live chat solution builds it for you and maintains it continuously and fully automatically! IQ Chat is the only live chat system on the market having this unprecedented feature!

IQ Chat’s unique self-learning engine
builds the knowledge base of your company’s
frequently asked questions and answers fully automatically!

Virtual operators 

Unique artificial intelligent technology: our built-in intelligent virtual operators reply your visitors’ frequently asked questions automatically based on the automatically built knowledge base taking the mainstream workload off of your human operators’ shoulders.

Virtual operators will use the automatically built knowledge base to search the right answer instantly for your customers’ frequently asked questions.  Virtual operators get smarter and smarter over time as the knowledge base they can use gets wider and wider. The more use use IQ Chat the smarter your virtual operators will be!

IQ Chat’s built-in intelligent virtual operators
answer the frequently asked questions fully automatically!

Combine our virtual operators with
your human operators to maintain
your online customer support with maximum efficiency!

Hybrid operation

If the intelligent virtual operators are not able to answer a visitor question they will automatically pass the communication to your human operators making the chat communication seamless, without the customer noticing anything.

This feature allows you to use the human creativity only when it is really needed and does the repetitive answering by the use of the virtual operator technology on behalf of you.

The virtual operators work hand in hand
with your online customer service agents
and they do the repetitive work instead of them!

Live chat with language indipendent machine learning

Smart language engine

IQ Chat has an unmatched system engine which builds your company’s knowledge base of frequently asked questions fully automatically in any language or from mixed language communications. Moreover it recognizes mistypings and other written errors, thus allowing the virtual operators to answer even in extreme conditions.

Language independent automatic learning engine.
IQ Chat builds your company knowledge base in any language!

Customer engagement

Virtual operators will proactively and automatically start conversation with your online visitors. Talking about special offers or anything you think would attract your customers’ attention. If  there are recurring customers, they will welcome them with different messages. This way there is no customer forgotten on your website for sure!

Live chat with proactive customer engagement

Virtual operators can automatically start a conversation.
This way none of your visitors will be forgotten!

Does it mean that you will not need
any human customer service agents or operators any more?

No, but you will need
the least number of operators possible!

Our virtual operators will work hand in hand
with your human operators on behalf of you.
And we offer even more!

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IQ Chat is the ultimate solution for your online communication needs!

Loaded with awesome features & revolutionary technology!
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